Learn about the signs and symptoms that mean your car needs a fuel induction service.


Have you noticed the pick up in your car isn’t what it used to be? Is the gas mileage performance of your car down from where it used to be?  Those signs could mean you could use a Fuel Induction Service.

This happens to all cars, as over time air and fuel deposits build up and this keeps your engine from performing at its best.

At Buckeye Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore, our Five Star staff is always on top of vehicle repairs, maintenance, and great service.  Our service team and auto technicians can tell you whether or not you need a fuel induction service. In fact, on our website, we have specials on all types of car repairs and services. For most vehicles, we have a four-part fuel induction service.


What is a Fuel Induction Service?

In this service the car is cleared of carbon deposits and other buildup and it has to be done by professional auto mechanic. This will allow a better fuel flow into the combustion chamber, which will have multiple benefits to the performance of your vehicle, including improving your gas mileage. Cleaning the throttle body helps the air flow to the engine. This will reduce any shaking or periodic idling when you take off from a light, for example.

There are ways for you to take note and recognize when you need this service. When pickup is slower after you hit the gas pedal is one sign. A shaking when the car is sitting still, a drop in gas mileage, or maybe a rougher ride are other signs.

However, you should consult with your mechanic before you decide you need a Fuel Induction Service. And, at Buckeye Superstore, we have the best auto technicians in Shelby, Ohio who can help you with this car maintenance or any other repair. So take your car to us at 278 Mansfield Avenue in Shelby.  We can steer you in the right direction and have you cruising down the road smoothly.