How Mike Monroe, a member of the Buckeye Superstore Five Star sales team for 10 years, goes above and beyond for his customers.

Everyone has a specialty and Mike Monroe, a member of our Five Star sales team here at Buckeye Superstore Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, is utilizing his many years of experience to help potential car buyers. “They call Ralph Mahalak the Low Payment King. I’m the ‘Locate King,’” he says. Mike has been a valuable member of our team here at your neighborhood Dodge dealership in Shelby, Ohio for 10 years.

In his role, he gets to know a customer, because his clients are not just one-and-done shoppers.  They trust Mike to take care of their car buying needs time and again. If you’re interested in a new car for sale in Shelby and it isn’t in stock, Mike says he can get it for you.

Case and point, he helped one couple buy the car they wanted when he found it in Indiana. “My clients leave happier and feel like I did something special for them,” he points out.  But he’s also quick to mention that going above and beyond is something that is just a part of his job. That’s only one way Mike is different from your average car salesman at 278 Mansfield Avenue in Shelby.

“You have to be honest with your clients,” he continues. “If they ask a question and I don’t know, I tell them that and, say, ‘give me a couple of minutes.’ I tell them about what is available and help them figure out whether a certain vehicle is the right car for them, which is important.”

For example, “if a Ram truck gets less miles per gallon but it takes synthetic oil it could be more expensive in the long run. So I explain to them that another option will get better mileage but it could cost you more to buy.”  By doing so, his clients understand all their options and are able to make a confident car-buying decision.


Why He Enjoys Working at a Hometown Dealer in Shelby

Mike believes that working with the Buckeye Superstore team at our Shelby car dealership has been a personal advantage to him because the Mahalak Auto Group cares for its employees. “They are very people-friendly,” he says. “They tell you not to pressure anyone and treat each customer the same.”

It makes a difference when you feel like your shopping hometown. “A guy drove nine and half hours to buy a car here. I took a video of him,” he says, adding that this customer wrote a five-star review. “He felt like he was buying a car at a hometown dealer and that makes me feel like I’m doing my job well.”

If you would like the “Locate King” to help you find the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle for your needs, call Mike Monroe at 888-484-4192 or email him at