Staying safe while driving during the adverse winter months is crucial for Ohio drivers. To help ensure a safe commute every time you buckle up, we put together a short list of winter driving tips. At Buckeye Superstore, we know that snow, ice, and slush is inevitable, so it’s best to be 100 percent prepared for the various elements you’ll encounter on the road.

When cold weather strikes, the first tool we grab is our trusty ice scraper. However, the National Safety Council recommends that drivers keep a variety of items in their vehicles during the winter. This includes cold weather items for everyone in your family, including gloves, hats, and a spare blanket. Plus, store a few snack bars and other high-energy foods just in case of an emergency. Keep tools like a shovel, tow and tire chains, and a bag of cat litter or sand to help if you get stuck. Don’t forget jumper cables as well.

Before the roads turn icy, make sure that your RAM truck or Jeep® SUV is equipped for cold weather use. In our car service center near Mansfield, OH, our technicians will inspect your tires, test your battery, and make sure all your fluids are adequately filled. From winter tires to winter-grade oil, we can also outfit your vehicle with the proper seasonal items to ensure a safe ride.

When it comes to actual driving, we recommend the following tips.

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Drive slowly
  • Know your brakes
  • Don’t stop if you don’t have to
  • Avoid using extra gas while traveling up hill
  • Do not use cruise control

To learn more, contact the sales team here at Buckeye Superstore, your trusted dealership for new and used cars for sale in Shelby, OH. From expert car service to driving tips, you can count on us to be your number one source for information for all your automotive needs.