At our Dodge dealership near Mansfield, Ohio, we also have a Jack of all trades in our Parts Department.

Have you ever shared your car repair woes with a friend, only to be greeted with a response of, “I don’t have those kind of problems. My car guy is the best car parts dealer in Shelby”?  Once you receive that response from your friend, it’s often followed by a quick referral of a name and number to reach him at, and you say goodbye to car-hopping your service needs around town.  It’s true that once you find your “car guy” (or gal), you never want to let him or her go.  Having someone you can depend on for all your needs in service repair or car parts in Shelby, Ohio is worth its weight in gold.  That’s the type of professional you’ll find in Jeff Potts at our Buckeye Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT Superstore.  He’s the parts manager in our Service & Parts Department, and he’s been a valuable member of our Five Star team for more than 12 years!

But he doesn’t just talk the talk of cars; As a true Dodge fan, he also walks the walk.  The car Jeff Potts drives he got directly from our Dodge dealership near Mansfield, Ohio.  “Oh yes, I bought it here. It’s 2017 Dodge Ram,” he says.


Having the Knowledge that Makes Us the Best Car Parts Dealer in Shelby

Over the years, Potts has built a reputation as the guru for car parts; he looks up and sells parts, keeps inventory in line, and “does 1,000 other things” as needed.  You might say he’s a jack of all trades, and he wouldn’t change it for the world.  “I enjoy working here working for Steve and Ralph Mahalak,” he says, emphasizing that the owners known as the Low Payment Kings work great with their staff, and treat all members like family.

“They are always fair to me and let me do my job just as long I’m doing it right,” he says.

Potts will be the first to admit that his job is sometimes challenging, and when dealing with so many different cars the inventory gets large and sometimes ordering them is tough. But he is diligent at what he does because his goal is to satisfy the dealership’s customers.

“In my world, there are so many options for parts that sometimes it’s unreal, so you constantly have to be on your toes and looking out for our customers,” he says.

Potts is only one of many valuable staff members on our Five Star staff and if you are seeking a new car, check out the Low Payment Kings’ Buckeye Superstore and you’ll find this dealership not only offers the best car prices in Shelby, but also our parts department will surprise you with some good prices and excellent customer service as well.

For questions about parts or service needs, call us at 877-249-1989.