Save yourself the last-minute headache of making lease-end decisions by reviewing your options 90 days before your contract ends. At Buckeye Superstore, our financial representatives are happy to answer your questions about what your options are.

Your lease contains essential information that pertains to the lease-end process. Examine the mileage limit stated in your contract, then verify the actual mileage in your vehicle. If you’ve gone over the allotment, you may be subject to a fine.

Next, you can find out what your residual value is. The residual value is the buy-out price for your leased Jeep® Cherokee or Chrysler Pacifica if you’re interested in keeping it long term. Once you know these numbers, it’s a good idea to review what your manufacturer considers normal wear and tear.

Inspect the interior and exterior of your car. If you’re concerned about a small scratch or your worn tires, talk to the car service department here at Buckeye Superstore. We can figure out if the damage needs to be fixed in order to avoid extra charges and help you get your car ready for lease-end.

During the last three months of your lease, it’s important to start considering what’s next. You have three main options to consider:

  • Buy your leased vehicle at its residual value
  • Sign up for a new lease
  • Turn in your keys and walk away

No matter which direction you end up going, our knowledgeable Chrysler dealers serving Akron, OH are here to help with every step of the way. To learn more about what each option entails, contact us as soon as today here at Buckeye Superstore! We look forward to working with you.