With summer on the doorstep, you may be thinking, “I’d love to find a car dealership near me where I can get my vehicle ready for summer.” You don’t have to look beyond Buckeye Superstore if that thought has crossed your mind, as we host a state-of-the-art service center that accommodates all maintenance and repair needs.

Just like you winterize your car toward the end of autumn, you need to get your vehicle ready for summer as the end of spring nears. Preparing your car for the arrival of summer is sometimes referred to as “summerizing”.

While there are some things you can do on your own to get your car ready for summer, others will require the skills of a factory-trained technician. Checking your tire pressure is one thing you can certainly do by yourself. With temperatures fluctuating a lot between the start and end of the day this time of year, it’s essential that you check your tire pressure often. Winter’s elements can really take a toll on the tires’ exterior, which is why it’s important to take a look at the tread of each tire. If needed, our technicians can perform a rotation or a replacement.

Another element of summer maintenance is checking to see if your air conditioning is in prime working order. There are many components in place that make this system work, such as belts and a compressor, and you’ll want to make sure each is up to speed. Make an appointment to bring your car into our Chrysler service center near Ashland, OH, where our talented technicians will perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle.

Battery checks, oil changes, and brake inspections are additional services that our technicians are able to accommodate.

Whether you drive a RAM truck or a pre-owned Dodge Charger, now is the time to summerize your automobile. For more tips, contact Buckeye Superstore today.