There’s history behind every automobile: decades of engineering, refinement, and unbelievable human accomplishment. But there are few cars with as proud a heritage as the 2016 Dodge Challenger. If you thought the 2016 Dodge Charger was the epitome of cool, think again. The Dodge Challenger shares its American muscle car roots with the Dodge Challenger but wears that influence even more boldly. A true modern-day muscle car, the Dodge Challenger is a capable, classically-inspired ride with modern-day style.

If you’re a purist, have no fear: Dodge Challenger R/T models come standard with a TREMEC® six-speed manual transmission. For those of you who prefer some of the comforts of the modern age, the available Class-Exclusive TorqueFlite® eight-speed automatic transmission, complete with paddle-shifting capabilities and Sport Mode, is just what you’re looking for. Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides unexpected agility to the 2016 Dodge Challenger, as well as capable handling to complement the open-throttle power of a car unleashed.

Rear-wheel drive and near 50/50 weight distribution help make the Dodge Challenger a true joy to drive. While you’re accelerating, weight actually shifts to the drive axle, increasing downforce and improving traction. All-speed traction control also helps maintain stability by applying brake pressure to slipping wheels and, when necessary, reducing engine power to help the tires regain traction. Electric power steering, working in tandem, provides improved handling.

To really punch it, Dodge offers the Super Trak Pak on select Dodge Challenger models, featuring performance-tuned steering, a performance suspension, performance brakes, Goodyear Eagle® F1 Performance tires, and three-mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

The truth is, the Dodge vehicle lineup is impressive from start to finish. For another great new car option, be sure to head in to Buckeye Superstore near Lexington, OH to ask about the 2016 Dodge Dart.