Ram Trucks Are Built for Anything – Just Like Dad

Dad’s have a special job. They take on various roles and wear many different types of hats. It never seems to matter what gets thrown at them because they always deliver, just like our RAM trucks. At Buckeye Superstore, we have over 80 new and pre-owned RAM Trucks that cater to any need you (or dad) might have.

RAM trucks have a wide variety of features and abilities. Just like dad, they always seem to have a trick up their sleeve to get the job done. RAM trucks have an abundance of storage space, whether it is the bed of the truck or the interior, there is always plenty of room to make ensure only one trip is necessary.

Fathers have a protective quality to them as well. They are always there for us when we need them and provide comfort when times are tough. RAM trucks allow for the same peace of mind. Dynamic crumple zones, side impact door beams, and an advanced airbag system are just some of the safety features available on current and past models. Additionally, RAM trucks ensure you and your passengers are seated higher than the average car, allowing for increased visibility.

Have you ever heard of dad strength? Maybe a better term is “old-man strength,” but it’s a thing. Just like dad, RAM trucks are extremely strong and powerful. It doesn’t matter what RAM truck edition you have, towing and hauling heavy loads won’t be an issue. The Ram 1500 has a maximum towing capacity of 10,650 pounds, the Ram 2500 can pull up to 17,440 pounds, and the Dodge Ram 3500 can tow 30,000 pounds!

Lastly, there are about 2,400 farms in Polk County and farmers make up about one-third of the workforce in the county. The farm is the perfect environment for RAM trucks, whether it’s moving agricultural products, bales of hay, or driving in muddy fields after a storm, you can be rest assured, RAM pickup truck can safely get you to your destination.

A RAM pickup is the perfect gift all-around gift for your all-around dad. If you are in the market, our sales team at Buckeye Superstore will be happy to pair you and your dad with the perfect pickup truck. Visit our inventory today and shop from our list of new and pre-owned RAM trucks.